Division III Men's Basketball Regional Rankings

These Division III men's basketball regional rankings are not official. All data comes via d3hoops.com.

The NCAA's official regional rankings primary criteria are: winning percentage (versus Division III teams), strength of schedule, results versus regionally ranked opponents, head-to-head results, and results versus common opponents.

The NCAA has not released their official pool allocations but it appears that the following will again be true: 64 tournament bids will be awarded for Men's basketball in the 2017-18 season. 43 will go to the winners of the 43 Pool A eligible conferences. 21 will be selected as Pool C (or at-large) berths. There will not be any Pool B bids awarded for this year's tournament.

A few additional notes before proceeding to the data:
  • These rankings are based on the standard RPI formula with the strength of schedule modifiers in place. This (i.e. using an RPI) is not how the NCAA ranks teams.
  • Only games against full Division III member institutions and third and fourth year Division III provisional members are counted (as per NCAA handbook).
  • Pool A teams are designated as the team with the best conference record in each leage (if no team has clinched). In the case of a tie, I'm giving it to the team with the higher RPI (versus all D-III teams). This won't always match conference tiebreak rules (and that's OK since in all cases, save UAA, the Pool A slot will be given to the conference tournament winner anyway).
  • For away games, a multiplier of 1.25 is being applied to SOS, and for home games, a multiplier of 0.75 is used (as per NCAA handbook).
  • Data comes via scores reported on D3hoops.com. Occasionally my updates come before all results from the previous night are in.
  • No attempt to adjust for head-to-head matchups or results versus common opponents has been made. The reader shall feel free to adjust mentally where appropriate.
  • 40 teams are listed per region. The capitalized region designation (e.g. "NE") represents "ranked" positions in that region (e.g. the top 11 in the Northeast). Lowercase abbreviations (e.g. "ne") represent "unranked" positions.
  • Results versus regionally ranked opponents (vRRO column) corresponds to the previous week's official rankings.
  • I'm implementing the SOS calculation the same way the NCAA has for the past several seasons. There has been some indication that maybe they'll look at changing it but we won't know if they have until the first set of official data are released.
  • Feel free to tweet @FFTMAG if you notice an error or have a question.
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