Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Until Further Notice, Waynesburg is My 'Team B'

I sometimes enjoy selecting a 'Team B' to follow and root for. When it comes to baseball, the Colorado Rockies are my Team B. One of my college roommates was from Colorado Springs, and there was a lot of Rockies baseball on the TV while they made their magical run to the World Series in 2007, so I joined in on the fun. Sometimes my selections are more or less random. I enjoyed watching Mississippi State's run to the SEC Tournament championship in 2009, so they were a favorite of mine when the NCAA tournament began the following week.

Sometimes my Team B is permanent (like the Rockies), but sometimes they only last through the season (Mississippi State). Either way, I find it enjoyable to follow a team that I would otherwise know nothing about. I feel it helps me gain a national perspective.

My only rule for Team B is that it can't be a world-beating favorite. No Yankees. No Lakers. No UW-Stevens Point. Our new Team B, the Waynesburg Yellow Jackets, have no problem meeting that requirement.


You can probably guess why I chose Waynesburg to follow for the year, but in case you cant I'll give you a hint:

 That happy man, of course, is none other than new Waynesburg head basketball coach, and former Calvin assistant, Mark Christner.

I had Coach Christner at Calvin for basketball class. He was a good dude, and a smart basketball man, but he has his work cut out for him. The last two years, Waynesburg has finished with records of 6-18 (2010) and 8-17 (2009). They went 2-10 in the Presidents' Athletic Conference (PrAC if you're, PAC if you're everyone else) both years.

I look forward to watching Chrisner help turn that around this year.

Waynesburg preview coming sometime in the future.

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