Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alas, The World May Deny Us

As you can imagine, we're pretty geeked about the Calvin Knights finally getting backed on the court for a game that counts. Tonight's results against Davenport won't ultimately have any bearing on whether or not the Knights return to the NCAA Division III Tournament but a season opening game is a big game in my book.

Observant fans will see Brian VanOchten of the Grand Rapids Press make an occasional appearance at Van Noord Arena so I thought I would try getting his take on the game during his weekly chat on mlive.

I thought my question was straightforward enough; commenter John clearly opened up the discussion to basketball related topics at 12:02. Alas, Brian apparently thought I was talking about Calvin Johnson.

You can imagine what a crushing blow it was to my heart that Brian considers the 2-7 Detroit Lions a more relevant topic than our beloved Knights. Even so, I will remain FOREVER FAITHFUL!

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