Friday, November 19, 2010

And That Just Happened (Again)

I knew this game was going to be a battle for the Knights. We learned last year that the Grace Tigers weren't messing around anymore, and they've continued that trend into this season. But still, this was a game that Calvin should have won.

The Knights were up by 10 with 8:59 to go in the first half, but then allowed Grace to go on a 21-5 run, and ended up trailing at the break.

The story was the same in the second half. A Tom Snikkers basket with 4:59 to go gave the Knights a 59-50 advantage, but they would only score four more points -- and allow 14 to Grace.

I thought they were about to get last year's monkey off their back and then...

Train wreck city.

They only mustered 1-5 shooting and 2-4 from the line over the final stretch to complete the collapse.

Here's Krombeen's final shot from my vantage point.

You'll notice the camera doesn't pan back when Calvin takes the ball down the court. I think I blacked out or something. I thought he had left it short for sure. (Also, don't worry about that mild travel by Durham at the top of the lane before he dishes it off, I think you're allowed to slide the pivot foot something like three feet.)

Good news is that, being and out-of-region game, it really doesn't count for anything except hurt feelings and a mild bout with Tourette syndrome. You learn, you get better, you move on.

Offensive Chart:


In contrast to the game at Davenport, we see mostly poor numbers here, save Schuster, Brink, and maybe Snikkers.

I'll give the game ball to Brent Schuster. He had a really nice day recording Calvin's first double-double of the year. I would have liked to seem him pull the trigger on a few of the three point opportunities he passed up, but I can't complain at all about his final numbers.

Defensive Chart:


All extremely good, except the defensive rebounding. Would like to see that closer to 70%. Kudos to the defense for playing tough.

As promised in the live blog, here's the finish to the Heidelberg-Ohio Wesleyan game:

Heidelberg wins by a point.

Calvin will play OWU in the consolation game tomorrow at 1:00 PM. This is a must win, as it's a highly prized regional contest.

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