Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coach Vande Streek On Coaches Corner

Looks like Jeff Febus, Calvin SID, is beginning a nice series called "Coaches Corner". He talks with Coach Vande Streek.

Lots of coach speak, and lots of stuff that we've already heard, but good nonetheless. Some interesting thoughts:

"We probably have a win or two more than I may have thought we would have had at this point."

I think this is about right. In my Calvin Season Preview, I predicted five wins in the preseason, and although I didn't predict individual games, I was feeling like they'd have three of those wins at this point. So far, so good.

Then some nice things about Trinity. Sounds like Coach really likes this game and really like the folks at Trinity. Sadly, it doesn't sound like it's going away any time soon. If you're going to drive to Chicago anyway, why not play one of the million D3 teams that are in that area?

On Dave Rietema:
"He's going to help us out in practice."

Finally word on Jake Greene. It's mono.

On Trent Salo:
"I would love if he could play in the Elmhurst Tournament, even just a little bit". "I would say a more realistic guess might be that first week of conference before he's back".

Sounds like Jake and Dave won't be appearing in games any time soon. The good news on Trent is that he's more or less on schedule for his return. Hopefully the x-rays bring good news. I wouldn't be shocked to see him come off the bench for a little while. I also wouldn't be surprised if his return to the starting lineup shifts Bryan Powell, and not Jordan Brink, to the bench. Guesses.

"Don't even get me started on the whole NCAA in-region thing. That's so ridiculous. I don't even know about how to go about trying to schedule that kind of thing."

Amen. Wheaton, Carthage, Benedictine. What isn't regional about these teams? Just scrap the system and count ALL games versus D3 opponents. Makes too much sense, doesn't it? It's not like Calvin (or any other D3 team) will start rushing to play every game in California or New York or Florida if D3 removed the "regional emphasis."

They finish with some crap about Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. I thought the Gator Bowl was the top bowl game this year? No? Oh well.

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