Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loss To Aquinas Was Only A Small Bummer

Aquinas 78, Calvin 76

That wasn't quite what I expected. I thought Aquinas would be competitive, but I thought the Knights would still be able to handle them without too much trouble. Whoops.

I was able to catch most of the game via web video/audio on my cell phone while in Ft. Lauderdale. The video feed on phone was tolerable, but just choppy enough that it didn't really allow me to get a feel for the flow of the game. I didn't let the loss ruin my vacation.

The good news is that these non-D3 out of region games don't really matter in the long run. Sure, it would be nice to see the team make strides, but I think this result had more to do with Aquinas' improvement than Calvin's lack of progress.

Stat chart:


Gotta stop allowing opponents to shoot over 40% from three point range with regularity, and gotta stop opponents from shooting (eFG) over 50%.

Shooting was the difference in this game. Calvin shot well below their season average and Aquinas shot well above theirs. That all there really was to it.

Up Next:
Elmhurst Classic. Calvin gets Benedictine on the first night and then will play the either Elmhurst or DePauw the following day. Benedictine is out of region (by five miles), but both potential second day matchups are in-region. Calvin and DePauw are probably the favorites to win at this point.

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