Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Blackout" Tonight

Apparently tonights game is a "blackout".

I guess I remember glancing up at the scoreboard at some point on Saturday and seeing a message to this effect. But really, this should probably be advertised somewhere. Like the Calvin Sports front page, the Men's Basketball home page, or the schedule page. Good thing I happened to "Facebook stalk" a few players today.

I'm not a fan of "blackout" games in principle. Dark colors tend to blend in with the background so the effect isn't very pronounced. I'm more of a fan of "whiteouts" or "goldouts" (that's a thing, right?) because these colors seem to stand out better making the crowd look bigger (so long as the stands are sufficiently full to begin with).

Same feeling goes for student-section t-shirts. I much prefer the gold to the black or maroon that have been used in the past.

Speaking of students (and Calvin fans in general) FEEL FREE TO MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!

That all being said, be sure to wear black tonight in support of the home team.

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