Monday, June 13, 2011

NCAA Basketball Rule Changes for 2011-12 Approved

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel recently approved a few rule changes to the Men's and Women's game (hat tip oldknight). You can check out the NCAA's article on the changes. I'll hit the highlights below.

Here's the highlights:

Men: They will be adding a "restricted area" in the paint. A secondary (helpside) defender cannot step into this area to take a charge (automatic blocking foul). The NBA has been doing this for some time. This will go into effect this coming season for D1, but D2 and D3 aren't required to have the arc in place until the following year.

Women: The biggest change for the women will be the movement of the three point line. They'll be using the same line as the men beginning this coming season, so we won't have to have the dually-lined courts any longer.

The women will also be getting the resricted area under the hoop. Same implementation timeline as the men.

The women will be experimenting with a 10-second backcourt count in scrimmages and exhibitions. (It's about time). For now, they'll keep the 30-second shot clock. I would not be surprised to see this rule officially added as soon as next season.

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