Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Joe Prepolec Wears Tights

Just saying

Calvin 68, Kalamazoo 47 (box score)

Can't describe how much of a relief it was to see Calvin pull away and win this game by a comfortable margin. It surely wasn't pretty, but the Knights clamped down on defense -- and provided enough offense -- to coast to a respectable 21 point victory. Kalamazoo is far from good, but Calvin needed to show that they're better than the 'bottom half', and I think they ended up doing that tonight.

I think Kalamazoo, Olivet, and Alma have declared themselves to be the bottom of the league, Hope and Adrian are probably the top two teams, and Albion, Trine, and Calvin look to be in a fight for the final two tournament spots.

  • The defense deserves a lot of credit for the big win tonight. The offense managed to shoot only 39%, but the Hornets shot even worse than that. Calvin was active in getting a hand in the passing lanes, they (mostly) closed out on three point shooters in an expedient fashion, and they played solid interior defense on Joe Prepolec -- major props to Tyler Kruis for the last part.
  • Only nine turnovers for Calvin tonight. They did a really nice job for the most part in controlling the ball. There were still more than a few careless passes, but I can live with only nince TO's, especially when they forced Kzoo to commit 21.
  • I usually don't love to see Bryan Powell put up 16 shots, but he made a good number of them tonight. He was a difference maker in the second half.
  • I absolutely love to see Jordan Mast shoot the three pointer when he's open. He's the only real threat on the team from distance.
  • Tyler Dykstra played a pretty nice game. Perhaps his best since joining coming to Calvin this fall. It wasn't a very 'loud' game with 'only' seven points, but he looks more comfortable on the floor.
Stats-and-More to come.

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