Friday, October 26, 2012

Roster Over-analysis: Height, Weight, and Number Changes for 2013

The following table shows the change in each player’s listed height and weight from this year to last year (or two years ago, in the case of Jordan Brink).

New #Old #NameYearHt.Ht.Wt.Wt.
10-David RietemaSenior6-1-190+5 lbs
20-Bryan PowellSenior6-1-190+10 lbs
30-Tom SnikkersSenior6-4-215-
44-Matt DeBoerSenior6-4-1"210+15 lbs
12-Jordan BrinkJunior6-3-190+5 lbs
1424Mitch VallieJunior6-5-220+5 lbs
2414Mickey DeVriesJunior6-7-215-
42-Tyler KruisJunior6-9-230-10 lbs
5052Jordan MastJunior6-4-1"190-5 lbs
4-Ryan NadeauSoph.5-10-165-
2224T.J. HuizengaSoph.6-4-195+5 lbs
32-Tyler DykstraSoph.6-8-190-10 lbs
4034Daniel StoutSoph.6-9-220+15 lbs
--Bryce LutkeSoph.6-9-1"215+15 lbs

There’s nothing new on the height front, but that’s to be expected really. Growth spurts are rare among college students (with the famous exception of Mike Dunleavy Jr. growing three or four inches in his first couple of years at Duke). DeBoer, Mast, and Lutke (the only sophomore on the JV team) all are listed an inch shorter than they were a year ago, but I’m going to guess these 19-21 year-olds aren’t actually shrinking. Must be a new yard stick they’re using this year.

There’s probably nothing to be made out of a plus or minus five pound change. They’re all rounded to the nearest five pounds, so a gain of five pounds is really a gain of more than zero but less than ten pounds. David Rietema was listed at 185 pounds last year and 190 this year. Maybe he really checked in at 187.4 last year, but upped that to 187.6 this year. Or maybe he was really 182.6 last year and 192.4 this year. We don’t know. Five pound gainers include Rietema, Jordan Brink, Mitch Vallie, and TJ Huizenga.

Matt DeBoer was listed at 180 pounds just two seasons ago, but he’s added 15 each of the last two years and is now listed to be playing at 210 pounds. That could be cheeseburgers, but it wasn’t last year, and is likely a testament to his work in the weight room. Matt added quite a bit of inside play to his game last year, and the added strength would aid him further in that department this season.

Dan Stout and Bryce Lutke each added 15 pounds to their frames (up to 220 and 215 respectively). Stout is now listed with the same dimensions as a freshman Tyler Kruis, and Lutke is listed five pounds heavier than Brent Schuster ever was. Extra girth for wiry big men is always a good thing.

The other notable weight gainer is Bryan Powell who added ten pounds. He is at his best when getting to the rack; extra strength always plays well inside the painted area.

Jordan Mast is listed five pounds lighter, and Tyler Dykstra is listed ten pounds lighter than last year. Both players could have used extra muscle – especially Dykstra who’s now listed at a very lean 6-8, 190. That’s kind of disappointing to me.

Tyler Kruis is also listed ten pounds lighter, which isn’t necessarily a good thing either, but he’s still listed at 230 which still seems like a decent size, especially if it allows him more endurance. Still, more muscle wouldn’t be bad, especially when squaring off with Hope and Nate VanArendonk.

Also, there are a few uniform number changes. They are in the table.

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