Friday, January 11, 2013

Calvin Is Better Than Michigan State. Probably.

Mickey DeVries is from Lansing, a city to which MSU is near.
I rather enjoy Kenneth Massey’s sports rating site. He goes into great depth in the college basketball realm, ranking everyone from Duke to Luzerne County Community College (and presumably other worse teams that the author was unwilling to try to find). Included in the middle is the most comprehensive Division III basketball rankings available.

I had not – for reasons unknown – previously explored some of the more advanced features of the website. For example, we can see that these ratings predict Calvin to finish the regular season with eight or nine more wins, and gives them roughly an 80% chance of hitting the 20 win mark (prior to the MIAA Tournament). We can also see that the teams Calvin plays this year look awfully regional even if three didn’t count as such.

But, perhaps most importantly, we find definitive proof that Calvin is better than the Michigan State Spartans. Or, perhaps more appropriately styled, the twenty second ranked in Division I Michigan State Spartans.

Calvin, as we all know, defeated Cornerstone in the GRSHOF Classic earlier this year. But what you may not know is that Cornerstone had previously defeated Indiana Wesleyan. But here’s the shocking fact that will shock you: Indiana Wesleyan went on to beat Shawnee St who had previously beaten Rio Grande who later beat Campbell. Division I Cambell. The very same Division I Campbell that just last week topped Gardner Webb by a full 12 points.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

As we all know, Gardner Webb shellacked Tennessee Tech a month ago even though Tennessee Tech had defeated a much better Wisconsin-Green Bay squad two days prior. That win didn’t turn heads at the time, but it gained significance after UW-Green Bay topped Marquette two weeks later. The same Marquette, believe it or not, that topped UConn on New Year’s day. And we all know who UConn beat to tip off the season: Little Brother himself.

We might have expected Calvin to be slightly better than Michigan State – given their respective 12-2 and 13-3 records – but we now have the pudding that contains some very persuasive proof. And it’s not even really close. By adding up all of the point differentials, we could easily expect Calvin to beat Michigan State by a full 88 points.

It’s science.

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