Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thoughts From the Varsity/JV Scrimmage

I got a chance to catch some Saturday's scrimmage between the Varsity squad and the JV team. No official score was kept, but from my count Varsity "won" 44-15. To be expected I suppose.

Trent Salo (2 points)
Bryan Powell (6 points)
Tom Snikkers (11 points)
Danny Rodts (4 points)
Brent Schuster (4 points)

1st Subs:
Brian Haverdink (12 points)
Adam DeYoung
Brad Schnyders

2nd Subs:
Tyler Kruis
Jordan Brink
Jake Greene
Mitch Vallie (5 points)

Matt DeBoer was in street clothes, and David Reitema was MIA.

I don't know if we can read anything into the subbing pattern yet or not. I'm guessing the starters are the nominal starters at this point, but the first wave of subs was the rest of the returning players and the second wave was the new guys. I'm sure their respective roles are still in the process of being defined.

Three point shooting was a concern of mine heading into this season, but they were hitting this afternoon. Tom Snikkers nailed three (I think he was 3-3), Brian Haverdink made four (he may have been 4-4), and Bryan Powell added two more (2-4).

The freshmen didn't really make much of an impact, but they didn't play poorly either. Mitch Vallie showed some nice touch on his shot.

The Knights still need to find an offensive presence in the post. DeYoung was active, but he still doesn't seem like a polished offensive player. In general, the team wasn't able to finish many shots in traffic. That won't always be the case, but I'm getting the feeling that they'll live and die with their mid-range and longer shooting.

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