Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trine's Glenn Alfieri Can't Destroy The System, and AQ Hoops Has A New Home

Glenn Alfieri hasn't been playing basketball at Trine University forever--it just seems that way. I remember perusing the Trine roster a year ago and being shocked to learn that he was just entering his senior year. Imagine my surprise when his name was included on the newly released 2010-2011 Thunder team roster late last week. The world was out to get me.

Because I tend to worry incessantly about such things and I needed relief from my torment, I tweeted my concern to Trine's official athletic Twitter account (@TrineAthletics). They had responded to me by the next morning:

I think he's been taken off the roster page now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

OK, so their response message wasn't anything special, but I like the maroon and gold blockquote and I wanted to use it. And it did confirm, to my delight, that Alfieri will not be playing for Trine this year. Eligibility rules do indeed apply to him as well.

My pestering must have broken their website, because ever since they responded to me the roster page has been replced by a "Coming soon!" note.

Elsewhere, WZZM13.com has a small article on the opening of Aquinas' new Sturrus Center. The article suggests that the newer facilities at Calvin (and Hope and Cornerstone) were a motivating factor for the upgrade. The new basketball gym appears to be fully lit. That's upgrade enough for me. Calvin will play at Aquinas for the Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame Tournament on November 26 and 27 (Thanksgiving weekend). Video below:

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