Thursday, October 28, 2010

Former MIAA-er Latches on in ACC

Basketball fans that read this blog probably make up the most hardcore of the hardcore. Even so, the name Spencer Jennings might not ring many bells.

Jennings initially enrolled at Hope College last fall after completing an accomplished basketball career at Midland Dow H.S. He arrived with some fanfare due to his youtube video in which he hit 47 of 50 three point shot attempts, see video below.

The hype wasn't enough to land Spencer a spot on Hope's varsity roster as a freshman. He left the team rather than playing on the JV squad and ended up at Albion College, where he finished the year with their JV team.

Fast forward to yesterday and word was getting around that Division I Wake Forest had a new walk-on: Spencer Jennings. The Divsion III JV to DI walk-on story seemed far-fetched at first but I knew the rumor had legs once it popped up on the message board and separately in my email inbox.

According to Scott Wortman, Wake Forest's Assistant Director of Media Relations, Spencer Jennings joined the team as a non-scholarship player yesterday, although he will not be eligible to dress for games because he is considered a transfer. Scott is in the information gathering phase and Spencer's name will be added to the roster when that is complete.


  1. wow! this shocks me, how? Unless the kid has gotten a lot better, all he was was a great shooter, couldn't handle pressure, can't dribble, not very athletic, this is odd to me, but good luck to him, if he wants to go there and work hard as a practice player

  2. We tipped the Midland Daily News about the story, here is their write-up: