Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coming Soon

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on what you can expect from this blog once the season gets under way.

Game Previews
I'll use the stats I previewed in What I'm Using: Team Metrics to compare Calvin and their opponent prior to games. I'll also do the standard prediction of the outcome, but you can feel free to ignore this part. I'm sure I'll be plenty wrong plenty often.

Game Recaps
These will be the standard rants of a deranged fan. I hope to be calm when I write them, but sometimes it takes me a little while to calm down after a particularly disappointing loss or exciting triumph. Also, probably stats (the good ones).

Regional Rankings
This is probably my favorite. Last year I started geeking out big time in an attempt to predict NCAA's regional rankings. My insanely large spreadsheet taps in the wealth of information available at d3hoops.com and ranks teams based on in-region RPI.

Tournament Projections
The regional rankings I come up with allow Zac and I to project the tournament field. In last year's final projection, we only picked three tournament qualifiers incorrectly. We'll definitely try to improve on that mark this season, but we feel good about matching the guru's at d3hoops (they also missed three picks).

Other Goings On
I'll pull out some other interesting topics as well. I'll probably talk a lot about the other MIAA schools and how they're doing, especially during non-conference play. Waynesburg is our "team b" this year, so I'll try to have regular updates on how they're doing. Maybe I'll even speak of the Womens hoops team every now and then if I can catch a game. I'd even be open to discussing soccer or volleyball or any other team that makes a tournament run. That end is completely open. We'll see.

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