Friday, November 5, 2010

Michael Fabiyi To Don The Mythical Number 35 Jersey

As predicted by yours truly, Michael Fabiyi was added to the varsity roster due to the loss of Trent Salo (broken foot). I was fighting mixed emotions when I checked the updated roster to find him listed as number 35. I was a little bit surprised, excited, maybe a little bit scared, definitely angry, but also mostly happy with this discovery.

You see, there's always something slightly unusual about the Calvin men's basketball team's uniform numbers. They are always all even numbers. Actually, they're nearly always even numbers. The archives on go back to the 2000-2001 season, and since then, there has only been one minute of play by a Calvin player in an odd numbered uniform. It's difficult to find; you gotta dig deep on the stat pages.

Danny Rodts was brought up from the JV squad for some late season action as a freshman in in 2007-2008 season. He appeared in one game, for one minute, that season (acquiring no further stats). His uniform number? 35.

Maybe others have suited up with the loch ness monster of uniform numbers and haven't seen the court, but we're less than two weeks away from discovering irrefutable proof that odd numbered uniforms do in fact exist at Calvin College. If Fabiyi can find the floor in even two minutes of regular season game action, he'll shatter all of the previous records. He is carrying a large weight on his shoulders.

Myth: confirmed.

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