Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Three-Point Defecit Does Calvin In

Benedictine 82, Calvin 79

Down the stretch, Calvin just couldn't get over that three point hump. Starting at the 11:23 mark, they trailed by exactly three points on eight occassions. Twice they were able to get within two points (no more than that), but usually, it seemed, that bad things happened when they were down three.

Here's a summary of Calvin's possessions when they were down by three or less late in the second half:
TURNOVR by Brent Schuster 10:51
GOOD! FT SHOT by Tom Snikkers 08:55
GOOD! FT SHOT by Tom Snikkers 08:55
MISSED FT SHOT by Brad Schnyders 06:28
MISSED JUMPER by Jordan Brink 01:21
MISSED 3 PTR by Bryan Powell 00:02
That's only two points on five possessions.

Here's a summary of Benedictine's possessions when they were up by three or less late in the second half:
11:06 TURNOVR by Green, Nate
10:31 GOOD! JUMPER by Tribble, Jerrell
08:40 MISSED LAYUP by Brown, AJ
08:40 REBOUND (OFF) by (TEAM)
08:39 GOOD! 3 PTR by Jokic, Dario
08:01 GOOD! FT SHOT by Green, Nate
08:01 GOOD! FT SHOT by Green, Nate
06:50 MISSED 3 PTR by Tribble, Jerrell
06:13 GOOD! JUMPER by Green, Nate
01:49 MISSED 3 PTR by Snelling, Cameron
00:57 GOOD! FT SHOT by Green, Nate
00:57 GOOD! FT SHOT by Green, Nate
00:22 GOOD! FT SHOT by Brown, AJ
00:22 GOOD! FT SHOT by Brown, AJ
00:16 GOOD! FT SHOT by Brown, AJ
00:16 GOOD! FT SHOT by Brown, AJ
00:07 GOOD! FT SHOT by Green, Nate
00:07 MISSED FT SHOT by Green, Nate

That's 16 points on ten possessions for the Benedictine Eagles. They were efficient when they had to be, and Calvin wasn't.

The Knights didn't do themselves any favors in gaining extra possessions either. Calvin allowed an average (at best) rebounding Benedictine team to out-board them. They were especially murdered on the offensive glass. Calvin managed only four offensive rebounds (out of a possible 30), only about 13% (season average was around 36%).

Game Chart


First of all, hats off to Brent Schuster for a fantastic game shooting the ball. His 18 points ties his career high (the near disaster versus Alma last year).

Jordan Brink also was a very efficient scorer. Both Schuster and Brink are opportunistic scorers. They aren't looking to make their own shot, but they'll let if fly if they're open. I would like to see Jordan look to score more.

I think my big take away from the game was that the defense still has a lot of work to do. I think I overrated them a little bit after the first four games of the year. They held Grace to 64 points, Ohio Wesleyan to 60, and Aquinas to 44. They seemed good then, but they've given up far to many points in the mean time -- nearly 82 points per game.

It's time to tighten up the screws, and that's gotta start tonight against a good DePauw team. It's a regional game, and while it won't "make" Calvin's season, it certainly has the potential to "break" it.

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