Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Love Listening to Bob Knight on TV

Last night I had the TV tuned to ESPN while I was painting a room in the basement (the colors will be maroon and gold, if you must know). I listened to most of two and a half games (there wasn't much watching due to the painting), but the game I enjoyed the most was the Kansas-Baylor game called by Brent Musberger and Bob Knight.

I can always take or leave Musberger, but I think Knight is a fantastic color commentator. He skips the tired talk of "x-factors" and brings more than the usual insight than stating how "huge" a made basket was. In fact, he rarely ever commented on made or missed shots, electing instead to simply break down the fundamental play of the game.

He'll use a replay or a whiteboard to show how Team Y's zone defense is supposed to rotate, and how Team Z is attacking it. He'll point out a player in excellent position to play "help side" defense or a player that's slow on a rotation.

He has something insightful to say on nearly every possession, and while it can get a bit tiresome, it's usually great stuff.

We don't often get actual coaching-type commentary, but I love it when I can get it.

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