Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lady Knights Hand Flying Dutch First Loss of Season

Also, Dude, Lady Knights is not the preferred nomenclature. Knights, please.

In what was, by all accounts, a fantastic game from start to finish, the Calvin Knight women defeated #1 Hope 56-55.

Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the final 25 seconds or so, but I still came away impressed with the Calvin defense.

Hope had just dome down with a rebound with 20something seconds left when I entered the arena (down 56-55) and called a timeout. They spent the next 15 seconds or so dribbling around the three point line looking for an opportunity while running some clock.

Finally, they were forced into a difficult shot that was well defended; the ball ended up on the floor and eventually out of bounds (possession to Hope).

2.0 seconds showed on the clock, and I whipped out my phone to catch some video:

Major kudos to Jill Thomas (I'm 99% that it's her, I was watching through my screen) for her defensive effort here. She immediately recognized that she was guarding the screener, and peeled off to get in Snikkers' face before she gets an inch to work with. Then she established position with her hands straight and didn't give the officials any reason to blow the whistle.

So, by my count, Calvin is 2-0 against Hope in all gender varieties of basketball this season!

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