Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waynesburg is "Hanging in There"

Always remembering that Waynesburg is our Team B.

I realized about three weeks ago that I was well overdue for a Waynesburg update post. As you can see, I got right on that.

Before the season began, I predicted six wins for our Team B. Looks like the Yellow Jackets are well on their way to reaching that total.

Through thirteen games, Waynesburg has compiled a 5-8 record. They've played some rather poor competition, Massey rates their schedule 322nd in the nation, my D3 vs. D3 RPI spreadsheet rates it 366th, but five wins looks like good improvement for a program that only won two games last season.

They're doing it the only way they can; by beating the bad teams, and hanging with the better teams.

Against the weakest 'half' of their schedule (Penn State-Beaver, Oberlin, Hilbert, Grove City, Mount Aloysius, and Westminster PA), they're 5-1. They're 0-7 against the 'tougher' opponents (La Roche, Bethany, Marietta, Rochester Tech, Baldwin-Wallace, Mt. Union, and Thiel), but they've been keeping it close more often than they've been blown out.

Two of the losses came in overtime, against La Roche and Mt. Union, and claimed second half leads over Hilbert and Thiel.

The Presidents' Athletic Conference is rather weak as a whole so the Yellow Jackets may still find three or four (or more) wins before conference play ends. They get Grove City and Westminster (Pa.) at home, and the still need to play Washington and Jefferson twice. At worst those four games will probably look like toss ups.

Overall, I'd say the season is going quite well. They've had their opportunities to make the W-L record look even better, but they seem to be making good strides in the competitiveness category (if that exists). Who knows, maybe they'll steal an upset or two.

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