Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing the FFTMAG Ride Board!

I'm sure this idea will take a while to catch on, and it might not ever get very much use, but I thougt it was a worthwhile endeavor.

Up in the link bar you'll notice the addition of the Ride Board tab. It's a basic forum that has been embedded in static page that we can use to (hopefully) share rides to (and from) away games.

The older folks usually don't have much trouble getting to the games if they want to go, so students, this is especially for you (although old and young alike are welcome to use it).

This goes along with stated goal #1 for this blog:
To promote pride in, and excitement for, Calvin Knights basketball (specifically), and Calvin athletics (in general).
I would love to see Knight Nation become the most passionate and boisterous group of students in Division III. I know that the passion exists, but we (the Calvin community as a whole) haven't done enough to encourage that passion. Passion breeds passion. I would love nothing more than for pockets of students, or students and alumni, to come together to build up excitement for one of D3's greatest programs.

Anyway, this ride board may only be a tiny step toward that goal, but I hope it helps. It would be great to see everyone that wishes to attend a road game make it out there.

So head over there and sign up, and don't be afraid to use it!

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