Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Van Noord Arena Gets A New Paint Job

The wife, child, and I often stop at Van Noord Arena for a bathroom break (or just to take a look at the arena) during our walks around the Calvin campus*. Yesterday I discovered a surprise: the three-foot restricted area arc had been painted on the main basketball court. (Sorry for the terrible quality of the picture. It was pretty dark in the gym and all I had was my cell phone. I had to use a picture editor to get it to show up brighter.)

*Our house is a stone's throw away from the Gainey Athletic Field/Calvin Cross Country course area so we often stroll around the college campus for our evening walks. Anyway, we told our two year-old daughter that we were going to walk to "Calvin". As we approached the Fieldhouse (after walking through the rest of the campus to get there), she pointed to it and exclaimed "There it is! Calvin!" That's my girl.

Anyway. I snuck down a level to inspect the new lines (they weren't there the last time we came through). The lines don't appear to be taped, but they are raised against the finish of the court like it was painted on top.

D2's and D3's aren't required to have the arc painted for this upcoming season, but it appears that Calvin wanted to at least get used to having the lines on the floor this year. I'm not sure if this is going to be the permanent solution, or if it's a "for now" fix.

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