Friday, September 9, 2011

Calvin Footbal Turns From "IF" To "WHEN".

Many of us have been hearing rumors an innuendo of Calvin possibly maybe beginning to think about sometime perhaps adding football (potentially) to their profile of varsity sport offerings.

Today we receive evidence that all of those rumors are true.

I present to you the Football Feasibility Task Force.

There's a lot to look at on the site, so I suggest you go there yourself to break it all down, but essentially there's a large group of people studying the matter. The task force is expected to present their report to the "Athletic Policy Committee" and and "Planning and Priorities Committee" in December.

They're looking for feedback from the community:
The FFTF is very interested in what employees, alumni, and friends of Calvin College think about this subject and would be pleased if Calvin constituents sent in feedback by e-mailing their comments to, or by completing the on-line survey, once it is available.
This blog has a strong "VOTE YES" policy when it comes to adding football, so put together a well thought out comment in favor of football and fire it off to the linked email address above.

I'm of the opinion that if they're looking this far into adding the sport, then it's only a matter of time until it becomes official. Obviously, though, it could get shot down at any point.

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