Friday, May 11, 2012

A Shameless Plea For Your Support

So I obviously do this blogging thing for fun and not money (it’ll probably be another two to three years before the Google Ads earn me anything at all) * but since I know you’re all dying to know how you can show your support, I thought I would create a way for you all to do so.

*Although, if each of you (current readers) get 10,000 friends to become regular readers, I just may be able to go full-time with this gig.

I signed this blog up for the Amazon Associates program which allows the site to earn money if people buy things after clicking on the link provided here.

So, if you like to use Amazon for you online shopping, perhaps consider clicking through from FFTMAG. It doesn’t cost you anything extra in the process, but if you buy something during that session, Amazon will kick back a portion of their profit to this here blog. 

Two ways you can do this:

(1) Click on the Amazon banner in the upper right of the sidebar (also shown below).


(2) Bookmark Amazon in your browser using this link provided, and you’ll be using FFTMAG’s referral every time you use it.

You’ll know that the link was correct if you see a tag=forevfaith located somewhere in the Amazon URL after clicking.

If you don’t shop on Amazon, carry on as usual.

If the site can generate enough revenue, I’d like to drop the dot-blogspot and become a ‘proper’ dot-com. We'll see. Thanks for your consideration and support.

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