Thursday, May 17, 2012

[Updated] Final Decision on Calvin Football to be Made Today (I think)

According to the Calvin College calendar, the Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet today (8 AM- 8 PM). It was mentioned to me that this would be where the final decision ultimately gets made. I'm not sure whether we'll hear the ruling right away or not.

[UPDATE] It looks like the meeting is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, so we likely won't hear anything until Friday afternoon/evening or, perhaps more likely, Monday.

Here’s a brief timeline of the process to date:

1876 – Calvin College was founded.

1877 – Rumors of the formation of a football team begin to circulate.

Winter 2011 – Football Feasibility Task Force formed.

Fall 2011 – Word begins to trickle out that Football is (again) being seriously considered at the college. A web article was published. A Grand Rapids Press piece was written.

December 2011 – The Football Feasibility Task Force decided to recommend that a football program be pursued.

Winter 2012 – Planning and priorities committee voted in favor of adding a football program.

March 2012 – The Faculty Senate voted 30-12 against a football program.

May 2012 – Board of trustees vote due.

For me, I truly hope they decide to add a team now. Not only because this will allow me to "fill in the gaps" on this blog during the basketball offseason, but because I think it's a great sport, and I think Calvin would eventually (in 4-5 years) be a very competitive program.

If football works in Division III (and it does), then why wouldn't it at Calvin? If Calvin offers varsity sports, then why wouldn't they offer football? Off the top of my head, I can only think of one other sport in which an MIAA school doesn't compete, and that's Swimming and Diving (Trine and Adrian don't have programs there).

I have a hard time seeing this process repeated any time soon, so it's (almost) "now or never" time for Calvin College and D3 Football.

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