Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Which I Write a Guest Post at BallinMichigan

Patrick Hayes started a series over at BallinMichigan featuring the best high school and college basketball rivalries in the state of Michigan. Naturally he wanted a feature on Calvin-Hope, so he approached me to write one.

Check it out:

Calvin and Hope meet on the court in what has become not only one of the greatest basketball rivalries in the state, not just the best in Division III, but one of the greatest rivalries (of any sport at any level) in the country. That statement probably sounds a great deal like hyperbole (and it probably is to an extent, I’m in far too deep to know for sure), but there’s good reason that the Calvin-Hope rivalry has been branded as “THE” Rivalry.

BallinMichigan is an incredibly good blog that sprang up this spring. There's already over 200 articles posted, and it's the type of stuff you won't find anywhere else. Patrick Hayes (who also has written for and writes a weekly Detroit Pistons spot at has dedicated the blog to high school, small college, and mid-major basketball in the state of Michigan (and the players that come out of such programs).

It's great to see blogs and websites springing up around the internet to give coverage to "small time" basketball. I'm obviously a big supporter of that.

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