Thursday, July 12, 2012

World Premier Video: Caleb Veldhouse's Three Pointer

I'm willing to bet that there are other copies of this clip floating out there somewhere, but I have unfortunately not  come across one on the internet, and that's too bad. It's a great memory.

I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I've had a digital copy of this game saved on my computer for more than six years now (a friend of mine in the dorms was able to record this game onto his computer for me at the time). I should have cut this video and uploaded it to YouTube a long time ago. I apologize profusely for not doing so.

Just a terrific, terrific moment in Calvin hoops history. Hope came into the game, having already claimed an 18-point win over the Knights at the newly minted DeVos Fieldhouse, with a 20-1 record and a #4 d3hoops ranking. The Flying Dutchmen never trailed in this game until the waning moments when a freshman would make the biggest shot of his career.

The basket immediately propelled Caleb Veldhouse to legendary status. It was a status that, in some respects, he would never fully be able to live up to with his play on the court (though he was a very, very good player for four years, and that's understating it a bit), but he was that highly regarded by most of the Calvin faithful.

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