Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Regional Rankings and RPI Numbers Are Go

Not the actual calculator I use.
Now back for the third season are my in-region RPI-based regional rankings. I scrapped all the extra adjustments this year (they didn't seem to help much) and am back to a strict RPI ranking (with SOS weights). It's a good starting point if you're looking at the rankings.

Find it here (or in the "Regional Rankings" tab in the upper link bar).

Also, for the first time this year, I'm running D3-wide RPI numbers. These include all Division III games (and only Division III games) and don't include any SOS weighting. Also included in the list are non-conference RPI numbers for each team.

Find it here (or in the "D3 RPI" tab in the upper link bar).

Both sections will be updated periodically (as I have time), but the frequency usually increases as we get later into the season (or if Calvin is nearer the top).

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