Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Is A Rivalry Game?

Calvin 90, Trinity 79 (box)

Coach Vande Streek referred to the matchup as a rivalry, and that struck me as odd. I understand that they're both Christian schools. I understand that they're both popular destinations for kids in the West Michigan and Chicago areas, but a rivalry game? Really? I mean, sort of, I guess, but really?

It's always played this same weekend in mid-December. Everyone's thinking about Christmas. The students are thinking about finals. No one cares that Calvin's playing Trinity. I didn't even put up a game preview.

I've always thought of the game as a throwaway game. I don't really care to see it on the schedule, but I put up with it being there. I don't have any sort of official number in front of me, but I think Calvin's something like 10-2 all time in this series (is that what they said on the broadcast).

I just don't care to see non-D3 games on the schedule that aren't going to really test the team most years. Not saying they're bad, because they're not, but there's gotta be a better way to use the date. Let's play some more D3 teams. Please.

Same thing with next week's game versus Aquinas. We've had this single meeting on the schedule for some time now, but it's just not a compelling matchup. Play them over thanksgiving in the GRSHOF. I'll accept that. But move on and play someone else. Someone that will count. Please.



Not really anything negative you can say about the offense.They took care of the ball, they made their shots, and they rebounded well.

Who's been slipping Matt DeBoer the confidence pills? Early in the year he missed quite a few "you've gotta be kidding me" shots, but he's actually been quite good recently. I once speculated that he would see reduced playing time once Trent Salo's foot heals (should be back around Christmas, I think), but I think Brian Haverdink's playing time may be on the chopping block. Not all of it, but I think he'll see a generous reduction. That's just speculation though. I still have high hopes for Havs.

I love how a "rough" day for Tom Snikkers resulted in a 1.01 PPWS. That was pretty much last year's average in the MIAA. If his off days are league average, we're in for a real treat the next few years. I think we all know that now, though.

Too many great games to go through all of them. Danny Rodts was fantastic, obviously, but Schuster, Powell, and Brink all were very good as well. Brink, in fact, effectively shot over 100% for the game. I wouldn't mind it if he shot the ball more, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I don't think the offense is broken at all.

The defense, on the other hand, could still use some work. They broke their three game streak of allowing over 50% from beyond the arc, but an eFG% of 0.526 is too high. I would like to see that down to .500 or a shade below. However, rebounding was much improved today. Really a dominating day on the glass on both ends.

Next up: Aquinas on Saturday.

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  1. One of the Big Ten Network announcers referred to U of M and Concordia as rivals. Worst application of the word ever!