Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Win Baby

Calvin 68, Albion 53 (box)

Field goal shooting: check.

Calvin used a fantastic second half (0.773 eFG%) to make up for a poor first one (0.321 eFG%). For the game, the Knights shot (effectively) 0.520. That'll play just fine.

Field goal defense: check.

Calvin didn't allow too many easy looks at the basket for the Albion offense, and it seems like the Brits missed what few opportunities they did have. For the game, Albion shot (effectively) just 0.406.

Turnover rate: check.

It's been a sore spot on several occasions this year, but Calvin was able to keep their turnovers under control. They've been averaging a turnover on just over 20% of their possessions this season, but against Albion in this game, they turned it over just 16% of the time (10 times). Well done.

Rebounding: check.

Overall, Calvin out rebounded Albion by a 37 to 30 margin. They didn't do particularly well on the offensive glass (just 6 out of 27 available for 22%), but they killed it on the defensive end (31 out of 40 for 77.5%). They simply didn't allow many second chance opportunities off of Albion's missed shots (and there were plenty).

Free throw rate: check.

Albion was one of the better teams in the league at getting to the free throw line, but Calvin really limited that in this game. Albion shot 0.3 free throws for every field goal attempt (they'd been averaging around 0.45). That's been a strength of Calvin's defense this year: not fouling.

On offense, Calvin got to the line with good regularity. The Knights shot 0.40 free throws for every field goal in this game (they've been averaging 0.35). Getting to the line can be a big deal, especially in a close game. This one didn't happen to be close, but, you know, it could have been.

Calvin won the game by pretty much winning every stat category. That's encouraging. The defense has been playing well. That's encouraging.

The MIAA's NCAA Tournament AQ is only one win away. That's encouraging.

Up Next
The MIAA championship game. At Hope, versus Hope.

The Calvin-Hope matchup means that the MIAA's automatic NCAA bid will go to either the Knights or the Flying Dutchmen for the 12th(!) year in a row. Talk about league parity.

I'm so jazzed up for a potential NCAA Tournament trip that I probably won't sleep tonight. I love it (The Tournament) so much. Calvin can do this.

Just win baby!

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